Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Stuff - An Unboxing

I have a lot of models. It might not be as much as some people but it takes up a lot of room. Most of it is packed away, hopefully in boxes of similar things. I need to make a list of what I have to plan future army builds so I am going through them now we are settled in our new home 

I have a number of plastic boxes like the one pictured which is also the one I am going through today. This one contains orks. I have loads of orks from Rogue Trader through to the present day as well as a number of conversion parts and good old fashioned bits and gubbinz.

These are three mega armoured orks made by Kromlech. I won these through one of those Facebook competitions where you like an image. These models are huge, definitely taller than the metal mega armoured nobz though I don't own any of the plastic ones for reference. First bag and already I want to stop painting Word Bearers and start painting orks.

Bag two is the finecast mekboy with shokk attack gun. I like this model, it has a lot of character. The plastic one that came out subsequently was more or less a copy of what you see here but it felt less alive. I have a metal one somewhere, no doubt we will come across it eventually. On this model I swapped the head out for a more mekboy version from a plastic sprue of some random kit.

Next is a collection of ork parts from Spellcrow. Spellcrow parts have some really nice sculpts and their ork stuff is superb. Here we have some pirate heads, pirate torsos, slugga arms and power klaws.

The heads and torsos I acquired to make a squad of Freebooterz to accompany the flash gitz and Kaptain Badrukk that is also kept somewhere. There is enough to make ten but really I want squads of twenty. You can also see a konfeder-ork head which I believe is actually from Kromlech.

It is a universal truth that power klaws are awesome but there are never enough. These spares will help me bulk out my snipping potential. The pistol arms can be spread out amongst different models or used to make some gun slingers. Maybe a brace of sluggas for the Freebooterz? Also shown is a Kromlech bionik arm.

These are special. A trio of Goffik Rokkerz from Rogue Trader days and a couple of runtherds, one Goff, one Snakebite.I have some arms somewhere to complete these runtherds, modern ork arms are too bulky and look odd when attached. The Rokkerz I want to convert up a drummer to go with them and give them a trukk or battlewagon stage all of their own.

Five plastic Deathskull Looterz. I converted the centre one as every model in the box could take a shooty gun but the fifth model in the box only has parts to be made into a mekboy and I have plenty of them already.

Bit of a mixed bag. The big guy is a miniature that came with the collector's edition of Warhammer Online. The grot shaman on his shoulder is actually controlling the orc. I thought he would make a good Snakebite warboss. The two sets of orc and goblins with the crossed arms are a set I think that was exclusive to Games Day. I am thinking of using them as bodyguards or minders for a weirdboy. Also shown is a collection of bits from other ranges.

Three metal killa kans to get stompy on the pansies and such. They will be pretty solid little buggers once they are put together but not sure which klan to do them as.

The same again but in plastic. These are an example of my early attempts with magnets. The results are mixed but I am able to swap the parts around and they stay attached if left alone. These are going to be Bad Moons.

Here are a selection of characters. There is a painboy, a mek, Boss Zagstrukk and Nazdregg minus his banner pole. I am sure it is around somewhere. When you put him next to other orks you can really see how big Zagstrukk is!

Also in the same bag are a mega armoured, Grimgor (?) less his head, a burna armed mekanik, 11 Rogue Trader era boyz and a placard waving grot. I can find replacement parts for the nob and Grimgor if the parts don't show up.

Another selection of vehicles. This deff dred is of the same pedigree as my metal killa kans so they will be painted the same klan, Blood Axe probably as I have already painted a Goff dred. A trukk that I sorta started but found lots of bits that would be awkward to paint if it were put together so I don't see more progress being made on this until I get round to painting it. Four deff kopters, one of which I found the others are from the Black Reach box set an I have magnetised their rotors, They are half painted, the time consuming metal weathering is complete but the rest of the models needs finishing.

These are all old Rogue Trader or 2nd edition miniatures. A generic runt herd with two runt swarms comprising 13 runts which need re-basing and probably spacing out to get the maximum number of bases out of them. A drummer, an ork in an ill fitting space suit and the body of a minder. If I find another then I have enough to accompany a weird boy.

Here it is! Nazdregg's banner, no surprise it was found with Baddrukk, he probably nicked it to get back at Nazdregg for banning him from the Scylla. Along with these is a Gorka Morka Slaver, one of Brian Nelson's awesome sculpts.

They might not look it but this collection of plastic ork arms are quite valuable. Many of the old Rogue Trader era and 2nd Edition metal orks needed plastic arms to complete them.On the secondary market these models are usually sans arms. Fortunately Diego Serrate recentlysculpted new sets of these arms for one of the Space Raider kickstarters so I am hoping I will be able to buy more sets soon to fully kit out any arm less orks I have.

Phew, that was a lot of stuff crammed in there and it was just the first box, there is loads yet to rediscover.

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