Monday, 5 December 2016

Hobby Diary 4th December 2016

Bit of an odd week really, the first week that I haven't engaged in hobby everyday despite having a week off work, I did manage to squeeze a game of Silver Tower in though and undercoated the models as I was reminded of just how nice they are. I chose to undercoat the vast majority of the models white as I'll be aiming for bright colours befitting Tzeentch's chosen. Of course there are a few models that require a black undercoat such as the Grot Crawlers and a few of the Heroes.

The game itself didn't go so well, to be fair we were attempting one of the harder trials maybe someway before we should. We were doing well but then a couple of unlucky rolls saw us get attacked by Deathleaper and then finished off by a group of Tzaangors. That'll learn us. Oh well.

Other than that I tried to do some more to the UCM fleet but my back started to play up so sitting bent over a painting desk was a no go. I got a little more done before it gave out but not as much as I liked.

So it was back to assembly, I had done a trade with a mate for another set of Cultists from Overkill so i got those done, converting a few to use the shotguns i had left over from the neophytes box. I'm really looking forward to getting these painted, It's a big job too, there are a LOT of models there. Still, I am determined that they will be my next 40k project.

In the meantime i haven't forgotten about 30k and I had intended to get a Contemptor AND a Tactical Squad but mental and physical problems had killed that plan off. It had not been a good week. I did manage to get one of the Contemptors painted but that was about as far as it got.

So a blip to be sure but after doing hobby everyday for quite some time a small lapse seems reasonable. I have some games with Lee scheduled for this weekend so they will feature in next months diary. I still have two days to get the Contemptor done though so you never know, though it seems very unlikely at this moment in time.


I have completely thrown my painting schedule out the window and gone on a hobby binge of Horus Heresy model construction. I haven't made all of my models as I have a shortage of 32mm bases and Word Bearer shoulder pads but they are on order. While I wait for them to arrive there is a queue of constructed and primed models awaiting my attention and with time off week on the horizon having I need plenty to do.

First up is Lorgar.Though he is not the most powerful of Primarchs he will be a monster once he gets amongst regular troops. If he is in my army then my Word Bearers get buffs to their leadership and combat results. He is a psyker as well which is hard to come by in most lists.

I converted a Legion Centurion with a jump pack who I will use at the head of my assault force. I have three units with jump packs, one assault squad and 2 Ashen Circle which will be a fast stab into my opponents guts. He is made from the body of a Legion Champion with an added jump pack, I added a possessed head to show his favour in the eyes of the pantheon. He is armed with a thunder hammer and plasma pistol so that he has some real heavy armour smashing ability. My Ashen Circle are biased towards any infantry so they need someone to back them up who can whack dreadnoughts and the like.

As command support I have two Apothecaries and a Master of Signals. The Apothecaries can either be a Primus Medicae upgrade for a Centurion which offers the potential for additional victory points or as an Apothecarion detachment allowing me to attach them to squads and increase their survivability The Master of Signal can call down a bombardment that will help my heavy support starved Dark Brethren detachments.

This Breacher squad is an additional troops choice to pad out my army requirements. They are also my first MkIII armour unit.The Sergeant has been modified with an old plastic chaos warrior head that really looks at home with the simple design of the MkIII armour.

This recon squad is also a troops unit. I aim to have them targeting army characters and special troops. I have a lot of bikes and some jet bikes that I can include later on that will give me a decent scouting army. That needs another squad of these, a character on a bike and some speeders for additional heavy support.

Burning heretics seems to be a passion of the Word Bearers so these heavy flamers fit right in. As they need to get up close to the enemy to give him a severe tan I will likely have them in a Rhino to get them where they need to be.

If there is someone who absolutely positively needs to be taken off the board then these Volkite Culverins will do the job. They spew out 4 shots each and each unsaved wound generates an additional hit. They may not have much in the way of armour penetration but the enemy has a lot of dice to roll for saving throws.

This Deimos pattern Rhino will accompany the Heavy Flamers if they are included otherwise there are Tactical squads that can make use of it.

Another flame unit, the Predator Infernus. All the weapons are magnetised which lets me swap out the Flamestorm cannon for a Magna-melta depending on the situation.

This trio of dreads are added to the two Mahra Gal dreads I have so I have quite a walker heavy force. Each of these is heavily armed and is designed to fill in for the lack of tank busting weaponry the rest of my units have. As well as this I have constructed my corrupted Knight who has magnetised carapace weaponry that I can swap depending on whether there are flyers in the opposing army.

I have a lot of daemons so so took this time as an opportunity to put some together. The three Plague Toads can double up as Beasts of Nurgle and the Fiends of Slaanesh can dole out a lot of attacks. You don't see them on the battlefield often so I reckon they will surprise a lot of people once they get into combat. With Codex Traitor Legions due out shortly I will need a lot of demons as this appears to be what the Word Bearers are most famous for ten thousand years later. I'll get round to them once this lot are painted.

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