Thursday, 26 May 2016

We're Not Done Here

Nope, not necessarily...

Alas poor Fantasy, we knew it well. Not the game, never actually played the game much but the world, the characters, the history, we knew them. We read the army books, the novels, played the video games even collected the miniatures but as players who were weaned on 40K we could never get the hang of Fantasy. 

Fiddliest goddamn models ever

It wasn't for lack of trying. Every edition I would buy the new starter set, consequently I have starter forces for Dwarves, Goblins, Elves and Skaven to hand. I must have played at least one game each edition just to try it out; usually with my Undead army which I have had since 4th edition, the edition when it went 'mainstream' with the first starter of Goblins versus High Elves. Yep, always aspired to be a fantasy player but never got deep enough into it to be truly committed.

Now it is gone though, there is a deep need to finally have armies of deeply ranked infantry marching alongside huge monsters as sorcerers and wizards unleash magical fury against each other. Maybe I'm an unconsciously channelling a need to be an outsider by only playing versions of games that people consider dead.  

Plus bonus Dark Eldar conversion bits

Whatever the reason I've been building up some fantasy armies on the sly. Easiest to get to gaming standard are my Undead, which I have had forever and my Orcs and (predominantly) Goblins force. Along with these I have the beginnings of Dwarf, Skaven and High Elf armies which are now more than just the starter set forces plus I have gathered together enough Dark Elves to play a small game. 

Once that is all sorted I have to decide which edition I want to play. Having lots of cards laying around is a draw for playing the earlier editions but for a more diverse selection of units then the later editions would be the way to go. As we always say at the Conclave, because an edition was superseded doesn’t mean its unplayable and if it needs tweaking or new rules writing we can do it.

Tempted to draw that magical orb like a chibi octopus

Of late whilst I crack on with unpacking I have been getting my hobby fix by cleaning up and prepping my Horus Heresy resins and building Fantasy miniatures. Here you can see some of my efforts. This Loremaster of Hoeth will be added to my Island of Blood Swordmaster unit to give them a bit of magical punch. That unit needs bumping up by another 10 models so next on the list for High Elves is the models needed to complete this unit.


Whilst out in town with Allen this week we found a Warhammer stand in the local art store which had a box of recalled High Elf Warriors so I snapped that up. These guys will form one of the core units for the High Elf army. As I write I have won an auction for 25 Archers which combined with the Archer command I am in negotiations with on Facebook gives me two additional core units.

Weep oh yee new age Sigmarite purists!

If any more proof were needed of my regimented ambitions gaze upon my works and tremble as I place the Silver Tower's new Age of Sigmar miniatures on square bases! Okay I am not putting all the miniatures on square bases, only the ones that I think would fit into my existing armies which at the moment is the Skaven and Scutters. 

So I got Gotrek, Felix, Nagash, Thanquol, Grom the Paunch and a whole host of other characters to play with and that's without including Christopher's Lizardmen. Just need to start slapping some paint on.


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