Tuesday, 3 January 2017

The Stuff - An Unboxing #2

Back again. The next box in the pile also says Orks on the top though this one looks to have a lot more plastic sprues in it.

While I'm going through these boxes I am also cataloguing what I have Hopefully it will help me work out what forces I have at my disposal or even help me rearrange the parts into better groupings for storage.

19 Goffs still on sprue from Warhammer 40,000 2nd Edition. I already have twenty of these painted up do this will double my Goff boyz strength. Still 60 short of a green tide but you can't give these things away so it shouldn't be too hard to source some more.I have a lot of affection for these lads as they appeared a lot duringmy formative hobby years.

Where there are Goff sprues there has the be gretchin sprues close by. Again, I have a load of these painted already, forty in fact. I think that's plenty enough for the Goffs so I'll be painting these differently.

A squad of flash gitz to accompany Kap'n Baddruk and those freebooter boyz.

A squad of fifteen boyz, mostly from a Black Reach set. Once I know how many boyz I've got I can start divying them up into clans. These are based on some random resin bases I got off ebay.

Another five gives me a full squad of ten. I bought these already made from a second hand toys shop for a fraction of their normal price.

Various parts of artillery, or big guns as they are now. The only complete model is the ancient hop splat gun but I know I have the parts to complete the others. There is a smasha cannon, squig catapult and pulsa rockit battery here.

A selection of nobs including the very nice Banna Waver. This is enough to spread across my clans or just build a big nob force for Ghazghkull.

A collection of characters. Another bad dok who can be attached to a different clan though I converted up this one to be a Bad Moon., Zogrod Wartsnagga 2nd edition special character runtherd who fields super grots! I'll need to find out how many a good unit of these little buggers are and get some models together for that unit. Nazgrub Wurrzag is a scrap prospector from Gorka Morka. He was a weirdboy which is good as I always need more of those. As a scrap prospector he'll fit right in with the Deathskullz. Lastly is Bad Dok Dreggutz. He is missing his head and an arm. The arm I have seen in the first ork box, the head hasn't come around yet.

A random boss pole that is big enough I could use it to convert up another banner.

Da Red Gobbo! The resistance figure head from Gorka Morka.It is another lovely Brian Nelson sculpt that pacs a lot of detail into such a small miniature, I am looking forward to getting some paint on him.

The Red Gobbo did not come alone, here are 39 assorted grots from the Grot Revolution range from Gorka Morka. That's enough for one clan's worth of Gretchin.

Assorted metal Gretchin from the 2nd edition era that can be used as crew for artillery pieces of oddboy helpers.

A complete smasha gun. I reckon I have two if these but I'll have to keep digging to be sure.

Some more Rogue Trader era orks. The clans did not exist when these guys were cast so I am free to add them to any clan though the banna wavva looks very Deathskull.

A lone night goblin and some miscellaneous miniatures including some Cawdor gangers for when Necromunda rolls round again. That's box two. Can't wait for box 3.

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