Friday, 5 April 2013

Space Marine Battles Book Review: Legion of the Damned By Rob Sanders

Having not read any of Rob Sanders novels before i was quite eager for his take on what is certainly one of the most mysterious of all Space Marine chapters. In fact it appears that Sanders has thrown us a bit of a curveball, although the fabled Legion do feature in this book (albeit in the same way Prospero features in Prospero Burns) the story is in the main about the Exoricators, a flagellating chapter on the brink of destruction, ravaged and desperate and at each others throats. Their only hope lies in one amongst their ranks they revile. Dishonoured and marked pariah, it is up to this most unlikely of figures to guide this 'legion of the damned' to salvation or certain destruction.

I must say i enjoyed this book, Sanders portrayal of this 'Chapter on the edge' is compelling and some minor odd characterizations aside, it is refreshing to see the Emperors finest imagined with such imperfections and vulnerability whilst still being mighty warriors. The action is well paced and no part of the book really drags. the other characters in the book although not explored as deeply are done well for their part and the plight of a cemetery world before an approaching all consuming chaos horde is believable and identifiable.

As previously mentioned, a few of the actions and events are a little off kilter and require a little charity from the reader. these oddities are easily forgivable however, when measured against the quality of what is on offer here. In summary then, a solid read.

Swords are crossed blood is shed and the much mooted identity of the Phantasmic Legion of the Damned is finally laid to rest (no surprises here really.)

Not the best of the Space Marine Battle novels but certainly amongst the better of them.

Verdict: 4 fire wreathed skulls out of 5: Al

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